How to Order Your Own Copy

Good news! Grave Matters is available in book e-book and print editions and those editions contain BONUS CONTENT that is not online at the moment. Those extra goodies are:

Four demon illustrations by artist Mark Helwig

Personal Demons (a Denver Beck short story)

Retro Demonology (a Riley Blackthorne short story). 

Personal Demons has never been published before while Riley’s story has only been available as a free Kindle short story from St. Martin’s Griffin.

The e-book is available at: your “local” Amazon site (, etc.), Barnes & Noble (US), Barnes & Noble/Nook (UK) & Kobo

The print edition is available at: Createspace and your “local” Amazon site (,,,, etc.) and Barnes & Noble. ** As the books are listed on these other sites I’ll add the links.