Chapter Six: Part One

mitrepubAfter Riley had taken a long nap, they’d wandered around for another couple of hours as Beck showed her hidden spots in the city — leave it to him to do a complete reconnaissance of a town. She’d been surprised the first time he’d paused to drop a few coins in the paper cup of a homeless person.

When he rejoined her, he murmured, “I got a lot to thankful for. Those guys remind me of that every day.” After that, she knew to slow down as he stopped by each of them, wishing them well and leaving behind a bit of money.
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Chapter Six: Part Two

edinburgh8When Riley woke, the room was in twilight, the heavy curtains pulled closed once again. For a moment she thought she’d slept the entire day. A glance at the clock proved it was closer to nine in the morning.

She’d woken up once overnight, and out of habit had treated her deepest wounds and bandaged them. Beck had slumbered on, without knowing she’d gotten out of bed.

Now she heard a faint voice through the door to the bathroom; he was talking to Stewart about her.

Reporting back to your masters?
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