Chapter Seven: Part One

lochlomondRiley hastily repacked her suitcase after Beck had grumpily rousted her out of bed at eight. He insisted they leave within the hour.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“To the manor.”

“I thought we were going up there later this week.”

“We were. Now we’re goin’ today.”

“Orders from your boss?” she said, glaring at him.

“Yeah. Get movin’.”
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Chapter Seven: Part Two

booksistockDespite all the drama, MacTavish wasn’t waiting for them in the library. Riley barely noticed as she gasped the moment she stepped inside the room. It was like a Victorian dream come true; two stories tall with circular iron stairway that led to a second floor catwalk. A small dome rose in the very center of the ceiling, shedding soft light beneath it. Tables and padded chairs sat in discreet niches to allow for privacy. Reading lamps were dotted here and there, most with ornate stained glass shades. A fireplace sat at one end of the room, cozy flames warming the space. The room smelled of old paper and readily available knowledge. Just inhaling the scent seemed to ease some of the ache in her heart.

“Can I just move in here? This is like heaven.”
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