Chapter Four: Part One

oldcalton5“Miss?” a man called out. “What happened here? Are ya hurt?”

It took Riley a moment to figure out what the cop had said, his Scottish accent was so thick.

“Ah, yeah, but not bad.” At least she hoped that was the case since her back was screaming in agony and her arm as well. Still, she wasn’t dead and that counted for a lot when you went up against an Archfiend.
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Chapter Four: Part Two

ediburghcopcarThe police station was noisy and crowded. Apparently it didn’t matter what country you were in, everybody had problems, some nastier than others. A few people stared at Riley as she was escorted to an interview room. She could imagine what they thought had happened to her, and almost all of those guesses would be wrong. The cops stared as well — they would know the truth — and some pointedly moved out of her way.

That’s me, the Riley of Mass Destruction.
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