Welcome to Grave Matters

For those who haven’t read the Demon Trappers series: I *highly* recommend you read the first four books (in order) or you’ll be pretty much lost when it comes to this story. If, however, you are a brave soul and wish to slog forward, go for it!

For those of you who are Demon Trappers readers: This book is set In October 2018, a few months after the end of FORETOLD (Book #4). If you have not read the fourth book, I recommend you do so as there are a LOT of spoilers in this novella as to Riley and Beck, their relationship and their future together. The story is set in Scotland, both in Edinburgh and in the Highlands.

How often will there be new posts? I will be posting new content on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until the novella is complete.

Extra goodies: I’ll be including photos Scotland, and some of the settings for the novella, with each post.

Where can I buy the e-book or print edition? If you’re dying to find out how the story ends before the serialization plays out, or just want to own a copy of your own, electronic and print editions are now available. Both have special BONUS CONTENT which includes four demon illustrations by artist Mark Helwig, and two short stories – (Personal Demons (a Denver Beck short story) and Retro Demonology (a Riley Blackthorne short story). Personal Demons has never been published before while Riley’s story has been available as a free Kindle short story from St. Martin’s Griffin.

The e-book is available at: your “local” Amazon site (Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.deAmazon.com.au, Amazon.caAmazon.com.br etc.), Barnes & Noble (US), Barnes & Noble/Nook (UK) & Kobo

The print edition is available at: Createspace, your “local” Amazon site (Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.au, Amazon.com.br, etc.) and Barnes & Noble. ** As the books are listed on these sites I’ll add the links.

What if I find a typo, Ms.Oliver? Should you find a boo-boo, please email the mistake via the contact form which is on this website. Best to cite the sentence in which the mistake is found so I can more easily hunt for it.

Are there more stories? If you want to read some of R&B’s outtake scenes from various editions, short stories, etc., please visit my blogs at either http://www.janaoliver.com or http://www.demontrappers.co.uk



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Grave Matters

  1. Hello : ) just wondering if Grave Matters will be published on Amazon soon or if you are waiting until it has all been posted online. Thank you!! : )

  2. Katie –
    The story itself is set in October 2018, but the book is already out. You can read it for free here on this website or it’s available as an e-book or print edition at the sites listed above.

  3. Hi there, first off to be a total fangirl and say I absolutely love reading you work especially the Demon Trapper series! Secondly as I finished Grave Matters it seemed to me like that it was an open ending.. does it mean that there may be more to the Beck & Riley story? Please let it be true and not just wishful thinking.

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